Partners & cooperations

As enthusiastic ambassadors of vegan cuisine, we combine our passion for healthy, sustainable food with the joy of sharing creative recipes. That is why we are open to working with selected brands and partners. Basic information can be found on this page.

How we select our partners:

Our selection process for brands and partners is therefore careful and deliberate to ensure that we work with companies and individuals who share our passion for quality, vegan food and sustainability. Our recommendations and cooperations are based on genuine conviction and trust in the products we present to our target group.

Where can I find your media kit?

We would be happy to send you our media kit. Please contact us using our contact form.

Can I advertise on

We attach great importance to a clear and user-friendly website, which is why we do not offer traditional advertising space. Instead, we focus on partnerships with sponsored recipes and products that fit seamlessly into our content. This approach ensures that all content meets our standards and is relevant to our readers.

What costs are associated with a partnership?

We understand that each partnership is unique and therefore strive to provide customized pricing that meets the specific needs and objectives of both parties. We recommend that you contact us here. Our team will then get in touch with you to work out a customized collaboration that supports your goals and creates added value for both parties.