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Hey, we're Linn and Kevin!

We met in 2017 while studying at the Sports University in Cologne. At that time we were thinking intensively about veganism and began to change our diet to a purely plant-based one.

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen together, and at some point Linn came up with the idea of creating a recipe collection with the recipes we had created.

At the beginning of 2022 we gathered all the courage and went online with our Instagram page. At the end of 2022, we began combining Linn’s recipes with Kevin’s passion for videography and have realized how much joy we get from artistically showcasing our recipes on Instagram. We can hardly believe what has happened since then and are grateful every day that we took this step.

We are incredibly grateful for every person who tries out our recipes.

What is particularly important to us: You don’t have to be vegan to cook our recipes. We are simply happy if you are inspired by our creations. For us, the path to veganism didn’t happen overnight, but was a change over several years. We would like to pass on this relaxed transition to our community, which is why we would be just as happy if you use our recipes in your mixed diet to try out plant-based recipes and discover your favorites. We want to show with our recipes that plant-based dishes can be anything but boring. We are so excited that you are here!


Linn’s passion is cooking and baking. She loves designing new recipes and photographing them. She usually bases her work on recipes from her family, recipes she learned while traveling or current food trends. In addition to cooking, Linn is also an avid athlete. Running, yoga and CrossFit are some of her favorite activities. She also enjoys spending time in nature. She prefers to bake yeast dough, which is a great benefit for Kevin as his favorite food is “anything with yeast dough”.


Kevin’s passion is videography and editing videos. He started filming and editing videos as a hobby when he was still at school. Today his motivation is to present Linn’s recipes as deliciously as possible (and then be able to taste them). In addition to his passion for visual creations, Kevin is also active in sports, especially in the areas of calisthenics and crossfit. He definitely needs his morning handstand routine to get the day off to a good start. He also has extensive nutritional knowledge and regularly gives Linn tips on how to make recipes nutritious.

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